Tips To Get a Job

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Applying for a job can be called as a matter of tricky. No applicants only send a cover letter, then called in an interview and immediately hired. Instead there are applicants who had sent dozens of letters of application and have been called to interview many times but not being hired. To get more self confidence tips, you can see it in

In many cases, high academic abilities are also often not a guarantee of acceptable work. People who are included in the last group that had sent dozens of letters of application but not being accepted work often become frustrated and desperate that discouraged to look for work. As a result they tend to be unemployed and have a negative self-concept.

In order to keep the applicant not to be frustrated then there are some things that must be understood and studied carefully by job seekers. Similar to perform other activities in this life, then look for a job also requires an understanding, skills and expertise. Only those who realize this will be a able to win the competition (in Indonesia could be called Hyper-competition) in getting a job. Some things to the attention of job seekers, as quoted from are as follows:

  1. Understanding the Search Process Worker

A correct understanding of the job search process will be very useful for job seekers to avoid frustration. Some things that should be known and understood jobseekers for example:

  • Search the job is synonymous with promoting yourself and talents of
  • Knowing exactly how the talent possessed to provide benefits for potential employers
  • Finding a job is a job well: so be patient because it certainly takes time
  • Create a plan and follow the plan; though not necessarily followed rigidly
  • Finding a job should never give up
  1. Know Yourself

Identification of abilities, interests, talents, values of life, needs and habits. If you understand this it will be easier for you to determine what type of work and what kind of company would you choose.

  1. Determine Your Career Goals

Decide what type of career that is your goal, the company what is right for you, and if necessary, also specify the location or area where you will be working.

  1. Make a Career Portfolio

Make your portfolio career by preparing supplementary documents such as:

  • Application letter
  • Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation, a plaque of appreciation, etc.
  • Transcript, diploma, certificate, etc.
  • Card (if applicable)
  1. Expand Network

Finding a job often requires teamwork. In this case you must have a network or networking to find a variety of information required on jobs that suit you. You can work with a friend, family member or acquaintance you to get various information needed. The more extensive networking the faster your chances to get a job or at least will be many job opportunities available.

  1. Identify Points / potential employers

The harsh reality that should be experienced by workers due to layoffs or job seekers who “deceived” by the employer, should be a lesson for you before sending a job application letter. This means that you should not apply in a company that is less assured of his future. One of the easiest ways to do to recognize your company / employer is to find detailed information about a company that provides job listings, including the ability of financial, business type, the type of jobs offered (permanent employee or contract), who owns it, etc. If you finally find a match with your career goals then then you should send a cover letter. In the event that you are applying through job advertisements in the mass media then choose the job advertisements published in the mass media that has been trusted. And for even this you still have to check again the company profile employer.

  1. Apply

Applying for a job requiring a separate art therefore job seekers should really prepare all the things associated with such applications carefully. Do the same thing every time you apply for a job.

  1. Job Interview

The job interview is a process that you deliver to “the gates of the company”. This means that if you’ve entered the job interview stage then you have a chance to get to know the company and vice versa company can get to know your potential in more detail. Therefore, job seekers should really prepare for the job interview.

  1. Accept or Reject Job Offers

As has been argued that finding a job is tricky, then the logical consequence to be faced every job seeker is accepted or rejected. In fact, although it was realized that getting a job is a difficult thing, but sometimes there is a job offer that is being rejected by the applicant for a variety of reasons. In this case, if you include applicants who had to turn down a job offer, then do it with elegance in ways that do not offend the people in the company that you are applying. Conversely, if you accept a job offer then conveyed gratitude appreciation for the opportunity for a career in the company and follow up by making a deal work as well as the steps you should prepare before starting work.

  1. Process Evaluation

If you still have not managed to get a job despite having undergone several steps above, then you need to evaluate the entire job search process. Ask yourself:

  • Do I have done all the things that are required and need to be done?
  • How much of my preparation in taking any step above?
  • What things do I need to fix it and whether there are other things that are less?

If it turns out still fail to find work despite feeling perform optimal measures, then there is a good idea to seek assistance to people who are professionals, such as counselors or psychologists. With their help you may be able to identify what the cause of your failure to get a job.

With an understanding of the whole job search process is expected to individual self-reliant in meeting the challenges before it manages to get a job. Hopefully this article provides benefits for all of you who are currently seeking employment. good luck