The Use of Cannabis in The Medical Sector

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According to the website of knowledge narcotics, HIV, AIDS and Sex Education, marijuana can cause different side effects for its users. The most common side effects of marijuana are feeling stoned or float. Other effects include paranoia, vomiting, loss of coordination, confusion, increased appetite, red eyes, and hallucinations. While the long-term effects, marijuana can lead to high risk of bronchitis, lung cancer, and respiratory diseases (because marijuana contains tar twice as many cigarettes), immune system damage, damage to short-term memory, cognitive logic, and coordination of heavy body, and symptoms of severe psychiatric disorders. Cannabis can also lead to its becoming a dependency and addiction.

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However, in terms of medical, marijuana contains THC (tetrahyahocannabinol) consisting of -9-THC Delta and Delta -8-THC. Delta -9-THC have the effect of influencing the mindset of the human brain by way of seeing things, hearing, and affect the mood of the wearer. Medical scientists believe that Delta -9-THC can treat disease shares. For example, the leaves and seeds of the cannabis plant could be used to treat cancer and tumors. Then, the roots and stems can be made potion that can cure diseases, including stomach cramps, dysentery, asthma, anthrax, burns, and others.