Marijuana For HIV / AIDS Still Will be Developed

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HIV / AIDS is transmitted through body fluids, especially when the activities of unprotected sex, sharing needles is the same as the patient, blood transfusions, and can even be passed down from a mother to her child. Given how dangerous and easy transmission of these diseases, researchers around the globe are racing to find a cure. One of the most feasible is to use marijuana.

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Marijuana for HIV / AIDS has the potential as a healer for the dosage and proper supervision, researchers found an increase in the body’s immune system in humans after taking cannabis these HIV drugs. In addition, a body treatment of patients with HIV / AIDS confirm that the consumption of cannabis has brought many benefits to their patients.

At present, some countries have loosened the rules related to medical marijuana. Marijuana does not fully have a bad effect, many recognized researchers diseases can be cured with this marijuana plant. Marijuana for HIV / AIDS is one example of the benefits of cannabis plants in improving the quality of human life.