Things to Know Before Relocating to Bangkok for Work

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So, you’ve decided to make a big move and head to Bangkok for work.  Thailand’s largest city has varied positions for expats, but it’s still wise to speak to a recruitment agency in Bangkok so that you have a job lined up before you arrive.  If you’ve already done this, or you’ve been offered a position directly, read on.  We’ll list some of the most important things you need to know before relocating half way across the world.

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1. Consider Public Transportation

Yes, you can navigate Bangkok via taxi and motorbike, but in rush hour (which will apply to you when you work in the city) this is the last thing you’ll want to be doing.  So, when looking for accommodation, search in areas that are located close to public transportation. The BTS Skytrain and the MTS Subway are the two best ways to avoid the traffic in the city and traveling to the office on either of these will save you a lot of time… and stress!

2. You Don’t Need to Pack a Lot

While it may be tempting to pack your work suits and outfits from home, it’ll be a lot easier to just buy them new once you’ve arrived.  Bangkok is home to dozens of malls, and even more tailor shops, so obtaining a few new sets of work clothes will be as easy as pie… and a lot cheaper than paying an airline to transport additional luggage too.

3. It’s a Good Idea to Learn the Language (or at least a few words)

Bangkok is a popular tourist city, and because of this, foreigners are often assumed to be tourists even when they’re not.  This could lead to higher fares in taxis, shops and even restaurants. However, if you can learn the language, or at least a few words, you will illustrate that you are integrated within the city.  In addition to saving you money, you will also be able to converse better with those you work and socialize with, which you’ll appreciate after such a big relocation.

4. Use Cash Until You Can Open an Account

Most foreign bank accounts charge a fee for withdrawing money from ATMs and paying by card.  Because of this, it’s a good idea to travel with cash and use this predominantly until you are able to open a Thai bank account.  Plus, many of the smaller shops and restaurants won’t accept plastic.

5. Ensure You Have the Right Visa

Finally, it’s important to ensure you have the right visa for your stay in Thailand and that you are aware of any visa runs you may need to go on.  A recruitment agency will be able to help you with this, but remember that it’s a very bad idea to work on a tourist visa, and an even worse idea to overstay.  The Thai authorities have been cracking down on this in recent years, and getting caught could lead to a fine and deportation.

Moving to Bangkok for work is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking.  However, if you prepare fully in advance, you should find it goes smoothly.