The Techniques in Applying Job

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Many job seekers do not know what it must be prepared to apply for a job, especially for those who have never applied for a job before.
In this article we will discuss what must be prepared prior to job seekers looking for work:
Selecting Jobs
If you want to apply for a job also have to adjust, namely:
1. Correspondence between the state oneself with job requirements
2. Should not push for a position
3. Looking for information on a position to be selected
4. Looking for information about the companies employer
Make a Job Application Letter
Creating a job application letter properly is important and also a lot of things to consider, to know more, you can see at
Lists Resume
This is necessary so that the company intended to know about the applicant’s personal and very important to the company’s consideration. Things that should be included are:
1. Personal Data
In the form of personal data of the applicant
2. Formal Education
The history of education from early education at school until the last
3. Non-Formal Education / Training
Training as a material consideration to the company
4. Special Skills
5. Organization Experience
6. Work Experience and Job Description
Preparation Test or Interview
1. Physical Preparation
– Rest sufficiently, not to at the time of our interview-faced and pale because it will lessen the company points
– Prepare clothes
Clothing should be neat, that a man wearing a shirt and loafers, women dressed neatly with a matching blazer to wear loafers closed and if possible, high heels shoes
– Breakfast taste
In order not limp and taste as if excessive worry about during the interview sleepy and yawning because it reduces the work assessment
2. Mental Preparation
– Forget the existing problems
– In order to concentrate on the time at interview
– Keep Confidence
– Create First Impression positive
Because the initial meeting has begun rated create a state of convincing example smile when shaking hands tightly
3. Technical Preparation
– Learn more in the field of science or the intended position
As more knowledge about the destination field will be easier if there is a question of the company. So the chances of being hired increases.
– Recognize your strengths to find
A company will certainly ask the applicant what skills you mastered so that we can work with you. After appearing this question you must provide a proper explanation and in accordance with the field that in doing any should be covered because usually companies like people who are honest with expertise that the applicant has not exaggerating.