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The Future for HP, Dell, Microsoft and Google. In this current generation, 21st Century, everyone is so attached to their phone, tablet, laptop or IPad. The frequent updates from the Tech giants such as HP, Dell, Microsoft and Google have even made it possible to connect direct to the world by click of a button.Every day we wake up and find that the world has moved a step further. They need to partner to get the best ideas and make the best decisions in the TECH world.There being so many Tech companies around the world, whether Dell, HP, Microsoft or Google they all need to strategize on how to maximize their sales. The competitors are known for their smartphones and tablets, which better company could Dell partner with to keep up with its competitors in the world of smartphones and tablets if not Microsoft? With PC shipment declining, this means a decline in Dell’s sales.Microsoft too will benefit from this partnership. Their product delight users, thus as they walk that road, they need to be strategic to also be able to win the minds of the users, just like other brands have done. There has been other public cloud introduced to the market such as the and Microsoft. You may not know but the truth is you use its product once in a while, for that reason, Google continues to succeed in retail and mobility.
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HP has been known worldwide for its high tech computer and computer accessories. HP will also sell software that help company managers access data center servers right from their desk.
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They are all TECH companies offering similar services differentiated by a unique feature. They will work tirelessly to ensure the needs of their users are met at all cost, whether it’s through a partnership or strategic alliance, whichever brings out the best results. There are other companies that are coming up with other product differentiated with just a single feature. Your thoughts are being taken care of. You probably have a HP or Dell laptop or desktop, or a Microsoft phone, the one you use on a daily basis, expect their smartphones and tablets soon, because technology companies know the expectations of their users and work towards meeting their needs.