4 Signs That Indicate Your TCS Interview Went Well

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Impressing the interviewers is not that easy, especially when it comes to your dream company like TCS where you’d like to build a long-standing career. A jobseeker knows what mistake he/she committed, during the interview and where he/she performed well.

Waiting for the result after giving a TCS interview, requires a lot of patience. It is difficult to figure out whether you will be selected or not. But there are some points you can look out for and can judge how your interview went. Sometimes, it’s a gut feeling, while at other times, it’s not that clear.

Here are some of the points based upon which, you can analyse whether you have made a positive impression on your interviewer or not.

Getting Through to the Next Round

The positive chances level goes up to 90% when the interviewer invites you back for another round, especially in a company like TCS, because that’s a clear indication. And, that in turn, means you are one step closer to bagging your dream job. In fact, recruiters and hiring mangers do not have enough time to waste if they are not interested in your profile. They will never invite you for the next round. If a candidate is not fit for the post, they will never show interest in him, while an invitation for the next round is clear sign for sure.

Meeting the Rest of the Team

If the recruiter introduces you to the rest of the teammates or ask you to introduce yourself to the team, chances are high that you have been shortlisted and will be a part of the team. In short, your dream job is in your bag. Team leaders would never want their team to be introduced to someone who is not fit for the team. Hence, it is clear that your introduction to the team is an open gateway to join the team, and that you’d be one of the lucky ones building their careers in TCS.

Discussion on Salary Part

When the topic is diverted towards salary expectation and negotiation, it means the air is somewhat clear that you’re another step closer to getting hired at TCS, and they are considering your job application.

Be very cautious while answering to this particular question. Answer such questions smartly or else all your hard work will go for a toss.

When Can You Start?

Recruiters are busy; during the interview process, if they ask, when you can start, along with number of other questions, then it clearly means your interview is going well, but if the same question is asked separately, and it’s followed by other questions, it clearly means you are on your way to getting hired at your dream company.

Now that you know what signs you need to look out for, do try assessing your own performance at your next interview at TCS, and don’t forget to read through the job role thoroughly – just be confident, and you’ll soon bag your dream job at TCS.