3 Trophies Tips from Someone With Experience

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How to Give Awards and Recognition to Deserving Individuals In most cases, people receive awards and recognition based on how loyal they are, the quality of work that they provide, how responsible they are, and finally, their overall performance within the organization. All the above qualities belong to someone who is trustworthy and reliable. These are individuals who have the qualities that can make an organization succeed. Different organizations look for different qualities from individuals and the level that these qualities are exhibited will also differ. You can take the example of the differences between the traits that make a good employee of a manufacturing industry in comparison with that of a repair industry, and the difference between workers of a business organization against non-profit organizations. With this in mind, we can therefore say that awards and recognition is tailored according to the relative success of each organization. But while any successful organization has its own hero, not awarding and recognizing them will be like confining your most valuable asset under a rug. If these heroes are unsung, you will be missing on the opportunity that the other workers will follow in their footsteps.
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And this is the beauty of an award system that recognizes not only its hero but awarding and recognizing also all the others differently as contributors or backers of the hero. And this is very important since we came from an era where our model of an organization is typically fashioned after a command and control structure where it tends to lose the interconnectedness of a successful outcome. What makes a hero are the men around him.
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People will know who are the great contributors of a successful organization with awards and recognition. This scheme will greatly motivate each member of an organization to contribute something great. It will also promote more efforts from those who would also like to attain those awards. People might associate awards and recognition with money or cash bonuses, but many times money is not even included. Organization administrators should see to it that their awards and recognition will satisfy those who will be receiving it. The common items given during awards and recognition rites are plaques, rings, and other items that will give them the distinction of being one of the best members of the organization. An organization first need a good award assessment before they can expect their award and recognition strategy to work. They need to gather statistics with reference to what your organization is engaged in. What needs to be identified next are the factors that contribute to the organizations success or the achieving of operational goals of the organization. These factors of success becomes the basis for your award and recognition.