10 Jobs That Will Lost Along Developments Period

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In a modern culture that continues to grow today, a lot of work to switch the field work, and some other danger of being lost.

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1. Meter Reader
Readers meter or meter reading good handyman water meter or electric meter is one of the jobs threatened, it is due to increasingly sophisticated electric meter where the analog meter continues to decrease while the digital meter is very easy to read on the rise. Even some digital meter can be checked directly from a distance by his company.
Some companies say that they will train their employees to be able to have the expertise to do other work, but even so most of the meter reader was definitely in danger of losing their jobs.
2. Desktop Publisher
Desktop publishers working for a company which is running in the field of publishing or printing where field work is to design the layout of the print media-related, be it brochures, books, calendars, newspapers or magazines.
Although the need for a desktop publisher is still often seen, in the end only a desktop publisher who has the expertise to design digital composition such as web, online mahalah and the like are required. This is because as the times of all the print media will be running on the digital field and only desktop publishers who have relevant skills to survive. Please note that the web designing desktop publisher who is called as a web designer, not a desktop publisher.
3. Travel Agent
The task of a travel agent is showing the best deals related trips to various places either abroad or outside the city starting from the book air tickets, hotels, tours are up to their work flow.
It is not as easy as now where with just a few minutes on the Internet searching for the wide variety of travel-related offers that you want you can see. Nowadays people can easily book air tickets, rent a car and book a hotel room online. So every time you order something like this on the Internet it means you participate in threatening the work of these travel agents. Although it will not disappear as a whole, only a few reputable travel agent who can survive today and their field of work has also changed.
4. The gas station clerk
You must have realized that this job is one of the most threatened job. If we fill petrol or gas station to gas station, now maybe we can still see the gas station attendant who helps us refuel vehicles, some others we have to fill yourself with only one clerk working the field get paid.
In modern countries, such as the gas station attendant is now very rarely seen and if-else there then it can be said to be very rare. It is one of the jobs that might be lost in the near future.
5. Operator Elevator (Lift)
This job had been rarely seen and only a few famous buildings that employ elevator operators with the aim beside it easier for visitors, will provide a more classy atmosphere.
Did you know that in ancient times the elevators are not as sophisticated as it is today, the elevator operator should raise and lower the elevator lever to ensure the elevators stop at the right floor. But now everything is easy, the visitors simply hit the floor they want and elevators will bring them to the floor. Field operator jobs elevators are very much different than the original so it can be said that the original elevator operator is not there.
6. Financial Accountant
Accounting is a job that requires expertise and a certain level of knowledge and accuracy. Accountant is important in a variety of companies to control their finances and some accountants also act as auditor of the financial statements clarifying.
Unfortunately, software or applications such as ERP also be some very skilled and quality accounting software, can provide all of these financial statements very quickly and the excess is easy to use. The need for accountants continue to decrease today and also has expanded his field of work in which some accountants would be a financial manager who concurrently work area basically. Keep in mind that the financial accounting and management accounting are two different things.
7. Semiconductor Processor
Although the demand for semiconductors in computer chips is extremely high, related jobs will it not as bright as one might imagine. The smaller the chip it will be faster and stronger, Processor type Intel i-sized nanometer, which is a working field of machine and human interaction is very difficult.
In addition, dust and other particles that exist in our body can interfere with the production of such chips. Factors such as the former is why these chips require human intervention is now handled by computers. The need for this job now must undergo at least a diploma or a special training program, unlike the case with the first.
8. Related Postal Workers Sorting, Processing and Machine Operator
Is not new news that the postal services continue to decline over time. This is because all replaced with digital services such as email and the like as well as the filtering and sorting items are all handled by the machine. This makes the postal workers regarding the transmission of letters and remittances threatened.
It is estimated that work-related decline may drop as much as 48% in a few decades (decades) to come. The latest technology enables a post to be sorted and processed efficiently and better than any human intervention
9. Print Journalism
As discussed related to Desktop Publisher, Print media continued to decline because everything has been leading up to the digital field. Interest newspapers and news readers will also continue to decline, as a result looking for people who want to put an ad in the print media is not as easy as it used to be, this will certainly lead to a salary as well as the need for this work.
Fortunately journalists can move to digital media reader as to the scope of the increasing and work-related needs in digital media are also expected to continue to emerge. It is estimated that in the decade (decade) next, one of the 13 journalists would be in danger of losing his job.
10. The promotion and advertising manager
7 In recent years, the work related to promotions and advertising continued to decline up to tens of thousands and experts believe it is related to the emergence of new technologies such as digital media such as the Internet advertising and advertising smartphone apps.
Some advertisers believe that the presence of their products can be made larger through digital media than through real promotion such as billboards, brochures, billboards and the like. This is because digital media has a broad market that is much larger.